January 22, 2013

A long gap

I have been busy with a few things in my life, to the point that I don't get to daydream much. Even the dreams I have at night are getting dull. Other than work and daily chores, I have been busy knitting, dancing, and socializing with people I met through these two major interests. I have also been doing more cooking, trying out new recipes and ingredients. It's lucky that I have this habit of reading a few pages before going to bed or else reading will fall off from my list of favourite things to do. Yet, during one of my recent trips, I had a sleepless night. My brain just couldn't stop churning new ideas and I had this strong urge to write ... in Chinese! I can read and write in Chinese but I have never written much in Chinese, except test messages and brief emails with my family and friends. I wish I had got up that night and actually wrote something, but I didn't. Instead, I was trying to get my brain to slow down so that I can fall asleep as I had plans with a friend the next morning. I thought I could give it a try when I am back home but the creative side of me vanished the moment my regular routine is resumed. Maybe one day ...

June 27, 2012

To do and to be

When two people first met, it is quite common to talk about weather and some non-personal topics. After a while, they might proceed to ask about each other's occupation. Someone I once knew felt that knowing what a person does isn't important and instead, people should be finding out what the other person is like. I didn't think much at the time he raised this issue. I am very shy when it comes to strangers and so I normally stick to these perceived as "safe" topics. However, I have given it some thoughts later on. I have to say I am not sure if you can find out what the other person is like or how he/she is feeling just by asking questions. At least not someone you just met for the very first few times. I don't reveal personal details to someone I barely know. Also, people can say whatever they want about themselves but how much can we believe in what they said? Maybe I am a skeptical person but it takes time to know someone. Maybe I should think of ways to improve my social skills ...

Question of the day

Picture this scenario: A man claims he really likes and cares about a woman. However, he constantly tries to correct her behaviour and often disapproves of her choices and preferences. My question: Does he truly like her or actually his own ideal version of her?

March 05, 2012

Quote of the day 20120305

"If you get that connection, the magic happens, the electricty and fire happens."
~~ Patrick Swayze in" Alchemy of a love scene " on the DVD of Ghost

The question is when you have found the connection, how can you make sure it lasts?

February 29, 2012

Quote of the day 20120229

"Para qué recordar que fui tuya
si yo ya no espero que vuelvas a mí!".

~~ José María Contursi, from the song "Bajo un cielo de estrellas"

Dance with somebody

Found this video while surfing ...

A few weeks ago I went to watch a live performance. There was a post-show "party" and a few professional dancers were dancing in the main hall. After a little while, I noticed an older couple dancing in a little corner on the upper level. I am still learning and so I can't tell whether they are good or not but all I could see was the love and passion they shared in their dance. I think that's the whole point of dancing ... to connect with your partner, to feel and the love and passion, and just to be in the moment with your someone special.

February 15, 2012

Quote of the day 20120215

"Your life is a gift. Accept it. No matter how screwed up or painful it seems to be. Some things are going to work out as if they were destined to happen, as if they were just meant to be."
~~ Grey's Anatomy - Season 8 episode 13

I think it's hard to believe that something good will finally happen when all you can see is endless misery. That's why it's important to force this faith on yourself, that one day you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I need to suffer (I know this is a strong word as it's nothing compared to some real suffering other people have. Still .... ) in order to appreciate what is going to happen to me in the future. Near future.

What if?

I was once a big Grey's Anatomy fan but I have stopped watching this season. I can't even remember if I watched much of last season either. I think too much drama was added to the show unnecessarily. Maybe I am getting old but I found that too distracting and it's hard to keep track what's going on.

Anyway, I finished dinner early tonight and had to wait for laundry to be done (Mr. Washer has been working very hard tonight). I figured I should pick some TV show off the "On Demand' channel instead of popping another DVD into the player like what I have been doing lately. I thought, why not Grey's Anatomy?! My friend said she has been enjoying this season.

The one that I watched tonight was episode #13 and it was great! It was about "what if". What if people made different choices? Would they end up a totally different life? Somehow, this reminds me of the earlier seasons.

I know there's no point of asking that question because we can't go back in time to change things. Besides, we might end up heading towards the same destination regardless of the different routes taken. I strongly believe my past experience made me who I am right now. There are things that I wish I could change if I can go back in time. However, my experience can prepare me for certain events that would happen to me and make me appreciate new things and people more.

What do you think?